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Toy Drive 2014

Baseball USA’s 2014 Toy Drive a huge success thanks to MetroNational, Marucci, The Lady Texans and many local baseball players that came out to volunteer.

Baseball USA, a non profit 501 3(c) put on a huge Toy Drive during one of its biggest tournaments last December. With the support of MetroNational, Marucci Houston, The Lady Texans and many local high school baseball players who came out to volunteer, Baseball USA was able to collect over 20,000 dollars of toys that were distributed to many different organizations in the community. These toys went to to benefit disadvantaged families and underprivileged kids to help make Christmas a much more happier time. Some of the organizations that benefited from Baseball USA’s Toy Drive were Spring Spirit, Star Hope, DePelchin Childrens Center, Yahweh Family Shelter and many other local families in need.

Toy Drive 14

Food Drive 2014

On Labor Day weekend baseball USA will be hosting its 2014 annual “Food Pantry Charity Tournament”. This event was sponsored by Metro National, Baseball USA and Marucci Elite Houston. For three days local teams, umpires, and volunteers will come together and collect can food items and distribute them to many families in the community that are in need of food over the holidays. Each player from every team that will be participating in the Food Drive Charity Tournament will be required to donate and drop off 20 dollars of food items. In return Marucci Elite Houston will be hitting it out of the park by waiving the $525 team fee to participate in this event. Baseball USA wants to thank those of you that plan on being a part of this special event.

Baseball USA Annual Food Drive Aug. 29th -31st

Volunteers Needed!

To Sign Up Your Team or Individually Please Contact Jason Krug.

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Marucci Metro National

Pine Cove’s Camp in the City 2014

From June 30th to July 4th Baseball USA played host to Pine Cove’s Camp in the City here in Houston, Texas. Over 150 boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 17 from the North Spring Branch Community were able to attend at a very minimal cost due to the funding provided by Baseball USA and Spring Spirit. Pine cove was established in 1964 by four gentlemen that were floating in their boat in the middle of a 10 acre lake during their time of prayer. At this time they asked god for guidance to create a place where young boys and girls could come not only for a once in a life time camp experience but to also learn about god and the sacrifices he has made for us. These gentlemen established a life lesson Christian driven leadership camp that now has the capability of being mobile and traveling from city to city across the United States. Through much hard work and fundraising, Baseball USA in partnership with Spring Spirit was able to bring Pine Cove’s Camp In The City to Houston, Texas this summer.

Pine Cove Camp

Throughout the week campers were involved in numerous activities. They played a variety of games such as baseball, basketball, flag football, volleyball, archery, and paint ball. Pine Cove also offered other activities such as arts and crafts, mountain biking, bible study, and down time for the kids who get too overwhelmed with all the fun.

Pine Cove’s vision is to equip individuals and families to rest, to reflect, to experience solid Biblical teaching, and to worship — with the goal being to encourage them to make deliberate changes in their life in light of what Jesus Christ has done for them-that they might leave a changed and renewed person. Pine cove wants to send these kids home at the end of the week with smiles on their faces and stories they can tell and then re-tell about the adventures they took part in at Pine Cove’s Camp in the City!

Pine Cove Camp

Baseball USA’s Spring Spirit Leadership Camp Powered by Renfrow Trucking 2014

On June 14, 2014 Baseball USA organized and hosted a leadership camp held at the Spring Spirit Baseball facility for the Spring Branch Community’s less fortunate children to come out and enjoy games and activities that they normally may not be able to enjoy. Baseball USA set up 12 different stations throughout the Spring Spirit baseball field. Stations included kickball, wiffle ball, score on the goalie soccer penalty shot, hula-hoops, tennis ball pop flies, a video game trailer, a jump house, a game activity center, a 65 foot blow up rock wall obstacle course, many other baseball related drill stations and even a snow cone machine!

There were 76 boys and girls in attendance from the ages of 5 to 14 to enjoy the camp activities and over 30 local high school baseball players with their parents to help volunteer to assure the Spring Branch campers enjoyed a fun filled afternoon.

Spring Spirit Leadership Camp 2014

After all the activities were over the campers were gathered together and local community leaders spoke to the young kids and high school baseball players about doing right in the community, the classroom, at home and using the gifts that God has given to each of them to the best of their abilities. Jason Krug, Buddy Lamothe, David Towler, and Edwin Mendoza all relayed a message to these young boys and girls hoping to open their eyes to a new beginning. After Edwin Medoza closed with a short prayer and blessed our food the kids were treated to a great tasty meal provided by Chic-fil-A. A special thanks to Chick-fil-A for feeding 76 underprivileged boys and girls and their parents along with the local volunteers. Over 150 meals were provided by Chick-fil-A and Operator Mike Fecht.

Spring Spirit Leadership Camp 2014

Despite the blazing heat the kids had an outstanding time. When the day ended you could see the exhaustion in their faces but they were still lit up with smiles as they had a great time enjoying the fun activities that were provided while life leadership lessons were learned. We would like to thank those of you that came on Saturday and assisted us with hosting the camp. The camp went very smooth and every year we will keep improving and providing more fun activities with learned leadership lessons included. We would also like to thank Tim Renfrow and our sponsors who provided us the financial support and equipment to make this camp possible.

Story provided by Buddy Lamothe

Baseball USA Chick-fil-A Memorial City Mall
Spring Spirit TC Renfrow

Wheelchair Baseball and Rugby Charity Event 2014

On June 13, 2014 Baseball USA and local area high school baseball players ventured into unfamiliar territory when they challenged the Houston Texans wheelchair Rugby team to a wheelchair baseball and rugby game. Shortly after arriving to the Metropolitan Disability Center and getting fitted for a modified wheelchair the able bodied high school baseball players representing Baseball USA were taken through a series of wheel chair sports drills lead by members of the Houston Texans Wheelchair Rugby Team. It didn’t take long for the Baseball USA team to get a true understanding of how difficult and tiring it is to maneuver in a wheelchair. After playing for over 2 hours the Houston Texans Rugby team outscored the Baseball USA team by doubling the score in both the baseball and rugby game. Once the game was over Baseball USA donated $250 to the Houston Texans Rugby Team and is hoping to stay involved in with the disabled athletes for more future events. Soon after the game a dinner was provided for all the participants by Baseball USA. At this time fellowship and camaraderie took place between the able bodied athletes and the disabled bodied athletes as new friendships began.

Wheelchair Baseballl and Rugby Charity Event 2014

Holiday Cheer 2013

On Friday December 20th Spring Spirit Baseball held its second annual Christmas Party for families in the North Spring Branch Community.

Over 1200 people showed up to hear the message about the true meaning of Christmas. During this time the Spring Spirit Staff also reached out to those in attendance and provided them with life lessons so that they may become stronger leaders in the community.

Each child after completing 5 different leadership learning stations was given an opportunity to pick out a toy for Christmas which was provided by Marucci Elite Houston and Baseball USA. Over 600 toys were donated to Spring Spirit Baseball for this event by Marucci Elite Houston and Baseball USA. All of these toys had been graciously collected a few weeks earlier at Baseball USA’s annual Charity Toy Drive Tournament sponsored by Marucci Elite Houston and delivered to Spring Spirit Baseball to assist with its holiday community outreach program. “Despite the frigid weather during the Toy Drive Tournament many volunteers and special individuals came together to make it a huge success.” says Baseball USA’s President Jason Krug, as over 12,000 dollars of toys were collected and distributed to families in need over the holidays. Jason Krug also goes on to say “It is truly a blessing to see the game of baseball and many leaders here involved in the game giving back to the community by providing much more than just entertainment. We are using baseball as a way leverage our ability to provide an opportunity to teach our youth how to be better leaders for tomorrow. This Christmas we had Spring Spirit Baseball, Marucci Elite Houston and Baseball USA all come together to put on an awesome event which focused on reaching out to the youth in the North Spring Branch Community and planting the seeds to assist with both spiritual and leadership growth.”

Charity Toy Drive 2013

Baseball USA’s 2013 Christmas Toy Drive Tournament is a huge success despite frigid weather!

Despite the frigid weather Baseball USA still managed to collect over 10,000 dollars in toys which were distributed among many needy families in our local community this Christmas. A special thanks to Marucci Elite Houston, Pods of Houston, local volunteers and all the teams that played in the Baseball USA Christmas Toy Drive Tournament for making this event a huge success.

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Marucci Metro National

Christmas Donation 2013

Baseball USA makes a Christmas Donation to the local Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

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C2 Baseball

Thanksgiving Day Nursing Home Turkey Trot 2013

32 volunteers which included players, parents and friends took time to visit the residents at Brighton Gardens Nursing home on Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving Day Nursery Home Turkey Trot was sponsored by MetroNational, Volunteer Houston, C2 Baseball and Baseball USA. During this event volunteers brought residents of Brighton Gardens Holiday Spirit and Joy by spending most of the morning socializing, listening and laughing along the side of the residents, making sure no one was left to spend Thanksgiving Day alone. Christopher Hull (Strake Jesuit HS) and Humberto Zuniga (Alvin HS) are seen here in the picture as they spend time listening to stories of the past from one of Brighton’s residents.

This event was Sponsored by

Metro National C2 Baseball
Baseball USA Volunteer Houston

Food Drive 2013

On Labor Day weekend Baseball USA hosted the Annual “Food Pantry Charity Tournament”. This event was sponsored by Metro National, Baseball USA and Marucci Elite Houston. Local teams, Umpires and many volunteers came together to collect can food items that were donated and distributed to many families in our community that were in need of food over the Holidays. Each player on every team that participated in the Food Drive Tournament was required to donate and drop off 20 dollars of food items. In return Marucci Elite Houston stepped up to the plate and took a huge swing and hit a homerun by waiving the $525 dollar team fee to participate in this tournament. A special thanks from Baseball USA to all of those who participated in this special event.

This event was Sponsored by

Marucci Metro National

Baseball USA sends kids to
Camp Ozark Summer Camp 2013

On Sunday morning 8/11/2013, we sent 50 underprivileged kids between the ages of 7 and 15 to Camp Ozark Leadership Christian Camp. We started loading up the bus at 6am and left for Northern Arkansas right around 7am. The kids were excited but a little on the nervous side as many of these kids have never traveled outside the Houston area. Sometimes we take things for granted; we had a few of the parents taking pictures of the bus before anyone was on it. I thought that was a bit odd until one mom asked me if she could get on the bus and take a look at the inside. I escorted her up the stairs and she looked inside and said “Wow! This is so big and nice; I have never been inside one before.” The bus arrived shortly after 2pm and the kids are settling down into their cabins as they will be included in with 350 other campers from around the country. The Instructors at Camp Ozark will have these campers doing fun leadership activities from sun up to sun down and then some after dark as they have night activities planned as well.

Many thanks to Mr. Greg Hoffman for his help with this effort.

Baseball USA Toy Drive 2012

Toy Drive 2012
Toy Drive 2012
Toy Drive 2012

Toy Drive 2012As a 501 C3 non-profit, Baseball USA has always been active in giving back, one base at a time. This past December, Baseball USA hosted its annual Toy Drive Tournament which offered teams an opportunity to play in an event in exchange for an unwrapped toy or cash donation.

Many staff members volunteered their time collecting gifts and donations from the hundreds of patrons who came for the event. All told, Baseball USA collected more than $25000 in toys, gift card and cash donations for charities and families throughout Greater Houston.

Toy Drive 2012We want to extend a special thank you to the various volunteers who assisted in the toy collection, including representatives from the Copeland Elementary’s READ, DEED, RUN group, C2 Storm, C2 Thunder and C2 Cyclones. Also thank you to the umpires who volunteered their time and donated their pay and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. In addition, we want to thank PODS, who was generous enough to donate 2 giant containers for gift collection and were a vital part of the success of this event.

Toy Drive 2012Once all the gifts were collected and sorted, the real fun began as Baseball USAdistributed the cache to more than a dozen organizations including La Rosa Family Services, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Foundry Mission, Open Door Mission, Houston Area Women’s Center, Star of Hope, Community of Faith and Our Brother’s Keeper. Additionally, Baseball USA helped more than 15 more families directly through various charitable contributions.

Toy Drive 2012Baseball USA President Jason Krug took things one step further with the assistance of Abiding Limousines. The limo went to all parts of the city and picked up families for a shopping spree of holiday gifts and much needed groceries. The smiles on the faces of each and every individual made the experience worthwhile for everyone involved.

President Jason Krug made one final trip in the limousine when he surprised twin sisters Alicia and Kaylam Mejia and their friends. He picked them up in the limo, took them to see the beautiful homes lit up with Christmas lights, made a pit stop at Ooh La La in City Center for a special dessert and then popped the trunk of the limo to unveil a bevy of gifts for the girls. Toy Drive 2012None of it could have been possible without the help from the staff at the Lofts at City Center and Abiding Limousines.

As Baseball USA moves into its 15th year of operations in 2013, the facility and mission remain strong. While athletes continue to grow as young ballplayers between the lines of our fields and the cages of our indoor facility, our staff will continue to make an impact in the lives and worlds of our community. Baseball USA, giving back one base at a time!

Toy Drive 2012
Toy Drive 2012
Toy Drive 2012

Special Thanks to...

PODS Abiding Limousines